SWEPUMP, The Swedish Pump Suppliers’ Association is the recognized national trade organization representing the mutual interest of Swedish firms engaged in the design, construction, manufacture, sales and agent sales of pumps, pumping plants and affiliated products within the field of fluid handling.

It is the national trade association representing the collective interests of the pump industry and trade in Sweden and the accepted channel for consultation by government departments, national bodies, user industries and customer organizations.

The association was established in 1958. Its membership embraces not only large but medium and small companies, and its structure is designed to serve their joint interests and needs in most economic and technical aspects. The association is governed by a board. SWEPUMP actively participates in and contributes to the work of standardization bodies such as Swedish Standards Institute (SIS).

In essence the association provides the forum for the members to meet and establish common interests as well as promoting in every sense a virile Swedish industry and trade to meet the demands of home and world markets.

On a European level SWEPUMP is an active participant in the work of EUROPUMP, the European Association of National Pump Manufacturer’s Associations, founded in 1960. EUROPUMP gathers 18 European National industry and trade associations and contributes, through its Commissions and Working groups, to the vitality of the European pump industry and trade.

SWEPUMP is affiliated to the Association of Swedish Engineering Industries, Teknikföretagen, which is the national organization representing the interests of the Swedish engineering industry as a whole.Teknikföretagen is both an employer association and a trade association.

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